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5* Review from Diana L on Amazon.com:

I’m always looking for quality series as I like being able to continue on with the story.

In this book, the first book of the series, the author sets the stage for what is to come. I’ve also read the 2nd book but there will be no spoilers given.

The only thing I’ll say is the author does a good job of letting you think one thing and then doing a really nice twist when you definitely don’t expect it. It kept me on my toes throughout the story.

If you’re like me and like solidly written stories with plenty of details and no lags, I think you’ll become a fan of the author and move straight into each book that follows the one you are reading.

I’ve just finished the second book and found the quality of writing to be as good as this one. If you are looking for a good series – put this author on your list.


5* Review from Beverley Clark on Amazon.com:

A great read by a great author!

The description for this book hooked me instantly and I began reading the second I downloaded this book.

This was a great read with zero lags.  A good portion of this book centered around finding the person responsible for a high profile murder and then the subsequent court trial.   It was hard for me to put this book down at night as I wanted to know what would happen next.

I definitely recommend this author as rarely does a book keep me as interested as this one did.


5* Review from Wilson R. on Amazon.com:

A Wonderful Series Begins Here!

There’s a strong romantic element at the beginning of this story that really sets the stage nicely for the reader to understand the two characters ( Jeff and his wife Lynn).

When there is a tragic turn to their 20 year anniversary, the author smoothly takes us into the mystery of what happened and also the matter of how one person moves on after a tragic loss.

The characters are well created and there is plenty of details to give this story the layers needed to keep one reading.

The author has the ability to move the reader through the emotions being experienced – from love to anguish to feelings raked raw – the reader has his finger on the pulse of what is going on (said and unsaid) with each character.

This book definitely hooked me on wanting to know what would happen next and I’ll say now – I liked the second and third book too.


5* Review from Dii at Tome Tender:
A Life Singular by Lorraine Pestell

A beautiful tale of true love, devastating loss and the pain of rebuilding a new life from the emotional ashes, A Life Singular by Lorraine Pestell is an emotionally charged, eloquently written struggle of one man’s journey through the steps of loss and grief when he loses his best friend and wife to a gunman’s bullet.  The Diamond family had it all, shared love and respect, wealth, beauty and fame, a fairy tale life to the world who adored them.  Jeff’s wife was the stabilizing factor that grounded her family with love, intelligence, and grace and he feels her ‘ghost’ with him as he tries to keep his children and himself afloat through the murder trial and every day after.  He can either spiral into the dark abyss of depression or strive to honor her memory by moving forward, all while under the scrutiny of the public eye.

Lorraine Pestell writes with an intensity that does not let up from page one.  Although written at a pace to be savored, never once does this tale drag as the relationship between spouses, and parent and child are examined and strengthened through loss.  For anyone who has suffered a devastating loss of a loved one, clearly the pain is just as great for the wealthy as for the poor.  Is it so wonderful to “have it all” and live under the microscope of a curious public?  The emotions Ms. Pestell gives her characters are brutally raw, often agonizing as they struggle to hold each other up.  The use of words like “the widower” brilliantly bring home where Jeff is in the grieving process.

Although a very long read, every word, page and scene is a vital part of this story that captures the essence of reality in the aftermath of loss. I savored each and every page and highly recommend this intricate tale.

I received a copy of A Life Singular from the author in exchange for my honest review as part of the Lorraine Pestell’s A Life Singular Book Tour & Giveaway stopping at Tome Tender Feb 3, 2014.


4 Chocolate Hearts review from Michelle Abbott:

Jeff Diamond is a celebrity billionaire. He and his wife are preparing to celebrate their anniversary when fate deals them a cruel hand. His wife is shot and killed just minutes before Jeff arrives at their hotel.Don’t pick this up if you’re looking for a short read, this is a long book, some 700 pages. It’s written in thrid person omnipresent. As someone who is used to reading first or third person present, it took me a while to get used to the omnipresent style, but that’s a purely personal thing.This is a tale of true love and the pain of dealing with loss while in the public eye. It explores the notion of how an individual can let adversity consume them or make a choice for a better life. It’s raw and you feel the emotions of the characters. Overall, a well written book.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
5* Review from Obsessive eBook Reader on Amazon:
April 19, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

A Life Singular is part one of an emotional, and epic, story of love, pain and growth. At 722 pages for this part alone, the quadrilogy must be approaching 3000 pages, so this is going to be quite an investment for any reader who decides to stick with it. Thankfully, the quality is high enough to justify such an investment.The protagonist, Jeff, suffers the pain of losing his wife in a shooting, causing his perfect world to fall apart. Jeff has to endure the pain of a murder trial; that combined with the fact he is convinced of his wife’s presence, makes closure difficult for him to achieve. As all of this is going on he must also be there to support his children, forcing him to maintain strength in his moment of weakness.

Pestell writes with a slow-paced, but intense style. I was impressed by how she rarely laboured a point or overcooked a scene, despite the epic length – my initial fear of this lengthy book being all filler content was mostly unfounded. I do feel that a slight trimming here and there would help, but I have no major issues with the book as it currently stands. The focus of the narrative is all about the interactions between the characters and their emotional struggles. It would be so easy for this to descend into slushy melodrama, and yet it never does. I felt every ounce of Jeff’s struggle, and I wanted to be there for him as though by reading I was supporting a friend!

I have agreed with the author that I shall be reviewing all 4 parts of this book, and that is quite a commitment, but it is one I am looking forward to fulfilling, even if it takes me months. This is a great book.

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