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5* Review from Obsessive eBook Reviewer on Amazon.com:

So finally I have found time to read book three in this epic series, and what a ride it has been so far! To recap, in book one Jeff lost his wife in a shooting and his perfect world fell apart. He was convinced he could feel his wife’s presence around him and his children as the murder trial was under way, and this made the process even more intense for him. In book two Jeff is feeling sentimental as he writes his autobiography. We get to see how young songwriter Jeff, met tennis player / pop star Lynn and began an unlikely romance. Book two acted as a prequel to book one.
Book three follows in the vein of book two in that it again explores Jeff and Lynn’s past, this time in even more detail. We find out more about the adversity the couple faced, the complications that arose from being in the spotlight, their secrets and so on. Again Pestell has demonstrated her sheer mastery of characterisation and emotional complexity. In Jeff and Lynn she has forged a couple so strong, I feel kind of mad she killed Lynn off in book one! But again, the tragedy just adds to the emotional intensity of the entire experience.
If you have read the first two books, this purchase is a no-brainer. If you have not read any, go get book one and accept my apology for the spoilers!

5* Review from Beverley Clark on Amazon.com:

Great series! Enjoyed all of them very much!

Picking up smoothly where the second book in this series left us, we continue to learn of Jeff and Lynn’s past together and how they struggled to overcome countless barriers and be together as intended.

This was a story of true soul mates colliding and recognizing their destiny together, even if it wasn’t evident to others at the time.

The story is told from Jeff’s perspective.  He is writing the story of his life with his late wife and the reader sees the past as well as the present in this book.

As with the previous two books in this series, the story was well written and held my interest throughout.


5* Review from Diana L on Amazon.com:

I have to say – this series did not unfold – at all- as I expected. It is that turn of events that made me like this author and her writing style.

She thinks outside the box – crafting a series that begins with what thinks is the end of a relationship due to the tragic death of a spouse.

Then we go back to the past (book 2) and really dig into the past (book 3).

The author manages to bring the past to life not only for us but also for Jeff and his children. We see a realistic portrayal of someone who while grieving still manages to find a way to honor his late wife’s life and keep her memory alive.


5* Review from Wilson R. on Amazon.com:

I recommend this series and look forward to Part 4.

I read the first two books in this series and was more than eager to find out what would happen next. Book 3 definitely does not disappoint.

In the first book, the author manages to show us that Jeff and Lynn were soulmates.

Looking back, I see that this was no small feat for the author as the reader really did not know that much about the couple in the beginning of the first book.

In this book, the story in the first book and second book meshes very smoothly with this one and all the dots continue to connect. This is not just a story of the past being retold but one also sees the life of the storyteller himself as he works hard to move forward in life and also keep his beloved wife’s memory alive.


5* Review by an anonymous Amazon.com customer:

Contemporary Romance/Drama with Love & Loss – Captivating and Emotional

A Life Singular Part Three is the third book in the Life Singular Drama.

This is a love story that deals with social issues of today including mental illness and loss of a spouse. It is captivating, yet emotional. Sad yet lovely.

A truly real story that could be taken straight out of today’s newspaper headlines. The story is about a celebrity who is writing his autobiography of the love of his life, his loss and their memories together.

Highly recommended, Captivating Read!!

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