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5* Review from Obsessive eBook Reviewer on Amazon.com:

A Life Singular part 2 is even better than book one!
May 18, 2015

So having read the second instalment of this epic, I am now well and truly hooked. My initial reservations about the length have been negated by the slightly quicker pace to part two, and the additional level of polish. It is also slightly shorter than part one.

Dealing with bereavement, Jeff reminisces how he and Lynn met as he writes his autobiography, and Pestell has captured the sense of romance perfectly. This only emphasises the tragedy of events in book 1. Jeff was a handsome songwriter from a tough background, who managed to book himself an unlikely date with tennis player / pop star, Lynn. The skeletons in Jeff’s closet gave him many doubts about the unfolding relationship, but Lynn’s trust gradually helped him to heal the scars of the past. What I particularly loved was how this was very much a warts-and-all relationship, how the pair accepted and understood who the other was, and formed such a powerful bond as a result. This made their love seem so real.

The sex scenes are hot and steamy, the tender moments are intimate and powerful, and the balance of it all is near-perfect. This is a great sequel/prequel of what is becoming a very impressive series, and I urge those who are daunted by the length to not be put off; it is quality that matters, and this series has it in abundance. A Life Singular part 2 is in my opinion even better than book one!

5* Review from Diana L on Amazon.com:

The second book in this series takes us back in time. Told from Jeff’s (our main character) perspective, we learn how he and Lynn first met and experience the chemistry that the pair had together.

In the first book it was evident Jeff and Lynn had a very special relationship and marriage. In this book we learn about their past together and the bond they forged before Lynn’s sudden and untimely death.

I’m almost finished with the third book in the series and I’ll only say this – I think once you start this series, you’ll be like me- glad there is a next book in the series when you finish the current one.

Well written, with plenty of details – the author has created a family saga that not only tugs at your heartstrings but also has some good mystery, court room scenes and drama.


5* Review from Beverley Clark on Amazon.com:

Just as great as the first book!

I liked the first book in the series a lot.

In this book I was pleasantly surprised that the author peeled the layers back a bit more to reveal Jeff and Lynn’s story of how they met and the details of their early life together.

I was glad that the second book was written this way as it gave me a lot more insight about the pair. It also gave insight regarding how a person may cope with the sudden loss of a spouse.  In this case, our main character, Jeff, decides to write the story of how and he Lynn first met.

This was a sweet love story but also bittersweet as I knew it was being written after the character Lynn had died.


5* Review from Wilson R. on Amazon.com:

I read the first book and found the story to be well written. The courtroom scenes were detailed and kept my interest.

I was glad to open this book and see that the author did something a bit different – instead of moving on, we instead went back to the past.

Told from Jeff’s viewpoint, the reader learned how Jeff and Lynn met and their early days together. This book really meshed well with the first book and gave me a solid look at both characters.

This is a solidly written series that has drawn me in to the story from the beginning. The ending was good and made me eager to continue the series.


5* Review from Dii on Amazon.com:

Epic love story

Still reeling from the loss of his soulmate and wife, the other half that made him a whole, Jeff is writing his autobiography. The wealthy and generous celebrity becomes lost in the world he shared with Lynn, her goodness, her perfection and her strength that she so generously shared with the world while leaving the best for him. It was Lynn who saw beyond his “issues” and accepted him for who he was and he is finding that without her, he may have remained lost in his own private hell. With her letters and diaries to guide him, as well as the reams of press coverage that chronicled their public life, he learns to see himself through her eyes and begins to piece together a story of love, need and loss. His biggest concern was how much to tell, how much to reveal about their life together, but how could anyone truly understand him without knowing what she did for him? How could his story be told without sharing the wonder of this woman he loved and lost? Extremely revealing, yet from the heart, Jeff reconstructs their beginning, one day at a time.

A Life Singular: Part Two by Lorraine Pestell slowly unfolds into a beautiful canvas of love, hope, pain and loss as her main character excises his demons telling his story. Ms. Pestell’s work flows smoothly through each scene, taking on a life of its own as her main characters become like flesh and blood, no holds barred, raw with emotion, insecurity and the amazement of love. This is another of those books to be savored, slowly, with the powerful presentation made by its author.

Please do NOT be daunted by the size of each novel, they have so much to reveal and there is not a single wasted or excess word or emotion. I read a little each evening and loved the world I was taken to. I will say, one must remember the time frame of this book, young people with voracious “appetites”, all part of the realism of Lorraine Pestell’s masterpiece.

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